The Struggle is Real Resources

Help for your Struggle

Below are some resources and tools to help you whatever your struggle may be.
If you're looking to overcome any hurts, habits or hangups, we encourage you to check out our Celebrate Recovery program on Monday nights. It's a great community for all these issues below and anything else you're struggling with. You don't have to do it alone.


Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Clinical Depression are serious issues many people struggle with that are often misunderstood as being "moody" or "emotional". For people who are really struggling, here are some ways to start your path to peace. 


Link Care Center - This Fresno-based counseling center provides counseling from a biblical point of view. A number of the staff at Link Care attend The Bridge and Link Care offers reduced fee schedules as needed.

Focus on The Family Mental Health Resources - FOTF has a list of biblical resources related to mental health issues. These includes helpful articles and links to other sources of help.

Mental Health Grace Alliance - This organization provides support and information for those working through mental heath issues. The support includes online communities, tools and is designed to be used in conjunction with professional counseling.

Fresh Hope - An online and community Christian resource for those diagnosed with a mental health challenge and those who care about them.

Darkness Is My Only Companion - A well-written book that brings together biblical content and practical help for those dealing with mental illness. 

Unmasking Male Depression - In this book Dr. Archibald Hart addresses depression in men and how it differs from how depression is normally diagnosed in women. 

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Pornography is often compared in addictive potential to cocaine and heroine, especially because it's so accessible and acceptable. It can be hard to break the chain of pornography addiction, but here are some good places to start.

Accountability Software

Covenant Eyes and XXX Church both provide free software that restricts explicit content and/or sends reports of questionable sites to an accountability partner. This is a must have for people struggling, and both are available on mobile devices as well.

Online Resources

Fight the New Drug is a secular organization dedicated to exposing the dark, addictive nature of porn, how it destroys relationships, warps our perception of sex, and how porn relies heavily on sex trafficking.

First Things has some good resources as well on the impact of porn addiction, and some additional resources you can turn to. has resources and next steps for people seeking recovery from sexual addiction and intimacy disorders.

Faithful & True is a Christian counseling center specializing in treating and helping couples overcome sexual addiction issues.


Wired for Intimacy
Every Man's Battle
Every Young Man's Battle
EBook: Hobbies and Habits

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We are often hesitant to "put our money where our mouth is" and talking about money can be taboo, but Jesus talked more about money than almost anything else. Below are some resources for people looking to get on top of their finances or learn more about what God says about money and giving.

Financial Peace University - Solid biblical training with practical tools for handling your finances. The Bridge's Financial Peace University starts on Wednesday, June 19 and runs for ten consecutive weeks over the summer. Sign up today! 
Click here for more information.

Crown - Gives practical biblical plan for getting personal finances on track and also helps with career guidance decision.

Master Your Money - Online video training for every aspect of money management from a biblical framework.

Seedtime Blog - A very practical blog by a financial planner which includes lots of tools and links to other financial resources.

Fields of Gold - A little book by Pastor Andy Stanley that addresses the key issue related to giving - fear of "what if?". A great starting point for those who are wrestling with decisions about generosity. Fields of Gold at Amazon

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Social Media

As social media continues to grow in popularity so do studies and research that raise concerns about its use. Here we have some great launching points for you to learn more about Social Media and start taking control of how you use it.


#Struggles: Following Jesus in a Self-Centered World
The Tech-Wise Family
Right Click: Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital Media World

Online Resources is a website full of resources and help for starting conversations with your kids about using technology responsibly.


Becoming Something with Jonathan Pokluda, Episode 010- Social Media.
The Cultivate Podcast, Episode 004- How to not look ridiculous on social media.


Moment helps you measure and track how much time you spend on your devices. AndroidiOS
Screen Time helps parents set boundaries and control over the time kids spend on their devices.

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