We believe that God created us to enjoy friendships and be part of a community. We have created groups at The Bridge to provide a way for that community to develop in small group settings. We have groups that do specific activities together, groups that do specific studies, and some groups that just enjoy hanging out together!

Whatever group you join, we believe it will help you build a strong, supportive community that you can grow and mature with.

What happens in a group?

Every Group looks different. We have some men's and women's groups that occasionally meet for larger events, activity groups based on a shared hobby like rock climbing, groups that meet to study the Bible together, and some groups that just hang out and have fun.

Most Groups meet weekly, go for an hour or two, and are focused on developing real relationships and a trusting community. It could be a group of neighbors, young families, singles, single parents.

We want to help you find that close community, even if that means helping you start a brand new group!