KV56 (Preteens)

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Our goal is for every pre-teen child to understand these 3 key truths:

  • See God for who He is
  • See themselves the way God sees them
  • Loves others the way God loves them

Over the past 10-15 years a subculture has exploded known as preteen... 

They are older than children, but not quite teenagers. Schools have addressed this culture, but the church is far behind. Fifth and sixth grade students are the second largest age group to stop attending church next to the graduating seniors in High School. They need a ministry addressing their life issues from a biblical world-view. They need Christian relationships they can trust. They need to be treated differently from children. They need inter-generational worship. They need a deeper understanding of theology. They need something they can call “theirs.” They need a preteen ministry.


The purpose for our KV56 ministry is to establish a relevant ministry to a preteen subculture with a vision to see preteens who are unashamed of the gospel, therefore, impacting their friends with the love of Jesus. We desire to partner fully with you, the parent, in guiding your preteen to find and discover Jesus. 


Our mission is to partner with parents in guiding the next generation to discover and follow Jesus and to establish a relevant ministry to your preteen. 


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We're looking forward to you joining us this weekend! When you arrive on campus, visit our Welcome Center and one of those friendly people will guide you to your kid's class.