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Current Series

WHOLE: Pursuing Healthy Spirituality

We are magnificent and complex people — heart, mind, soul and body. Deeply spiritual, yet so incomplete. Join us as we journey in pursuit of healthy spirituality. Let’s become WHOLE.


In this series we explore several of God’s key promises to us, and what it looks like to trust these promises in real life.

Mind Games

We look at the outside and focus on what we want to change but sometimes, our battles begin and end in our minds.


Most of us are suffering from the tyranny of the urgent, and we long for the kind of space in our lives that will lead to transformation. Let’s have a look at what God says about creating intentional space in our lives!

Vision Messages

God is doing a “New Thing” at The Bridge! We are doing new things in new ways as we write a new chapter of ministry for the valley.


In this series we explore how Jesus is the fulfillment/completion of key Old Testament promises of God.


In this series we explore the biblical basis of our ministry values and learn what it looks like to live them out as individuals and as a church.


Do you know how God describes you? You can know your true worth and who you actually are. When you do, you’ll have the freedom to be who you truly are.

Summer in the Psalms

Doing anything this weekend? The Bridge started a series on a book of the Bible that has 'everything' in it. Grab some coffee and join us!


This is a series about our stories. You know, the stories of our lives that God uses to encourage us about redemption, restoration, and hope. These are the stories we can't forget, because remembering reminds us of what God is doing.