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Current Series

WHOLE: Pursuing Healthy Spirituality

We are magnificent and complex people — heart, mind, soul and body. Deeply spiritual, yet so incomplete. Join us as we journey in pursuit of healthy spirituality. Let’s become WHOLE.

This Is Love

Jesus said that the best thing we can do is love one another, and the Bible has lots to say about life together as followers of Jesus. Join us for This Is Love as we unpack how to love and live well together!


It’s unavoidable. Every day, we hear about something crazy happening in the news. How can we process it? Why does it keep happening? We’re going to discuss the issues at the core of what we keep seeing and how we can keep our heads on straight. 

We’ll explore what the Bible has to say to the most pressing issues of our time, and how we can transformatively engage them as followers of Jesus.

Team Talks

You've probably seen or heard of Ted Talks. You know, the kind where an inspirational speaker delivers an amazing message or story. Well, The Bridge also has ideas worth spreading.

Team Talks is a series of inspirational messages delivered by a representative of The Bridge on a relatable topic from that speakers position of expertise. It was shared live with an audience of staff and key volunteers on The Bridge campus but we are sharing them with you here.

We hope you are inspired and moved.